Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Will I Make ?2019-12-17T22:06:17+00:00

It will totally depend on your daily trading Plan, Style And Target.

Is It Available For Mobile Devices ?2020-04-29T22:37:15+00:00

The mobile Application for PT PRO Indicator is under development. As soon as we finish it, we will let our clients know about it and they will be able to access is without any extra fee or costs.

How To Update The Indicator ?2019-12-17T22:03:23+00:00

When an update is Released and Available, you will get notification on your mt4 platform and we will send the updated files in your registered email.

Are Updates Will Be Free ?2019-12-17T22:01:18+00:00

Yes, all the future updates will be provided free of cost.

Can I Use The Indicator In More Than 1 PC ?2019-12-17T22:00:03+00:00

Unfortunately not, 1 copy of the license is only limited to 1 PC, 1 USER and 1 Account Only.

When My License Will Be Activated ?2019-12-17T21:58:47+00:00

After a successful checkout and payment, our team will review the order and your license will be activated instantly within 30 minutes.

How To Install The Indicator ?2019-12-17T21:56:28+00:00

You will receive a installation guide along with the indicator. So after downloading the indicator follow the installation guide and install the indicator.

How To Download Files ?2019-12-17T21:55:12+00:00

After completing the successful checkout and payment, the download will automatically start.

How Can I Buy Bitcoin From My Country ?2019-12-22T23:23:24+00:00

Follow the link below. create an account and you will be able to purchase Bitcoins from anywhere in the world with 300+ payment methods including visa/mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Bank transfer, Local payment methods etc. Its instant and 100% Secured.
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What Are The Payment Methods ?2020-04-29T22:41:26+00:00

Currently we are accepting Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Perfectmoney, Alipay, Bitcoins, Advcash, Wechatpay, Payeer, Visa/Mastercards as payments. If you need any payment related consultancy then please contact our live support.

What Are The Winning Rate ?2020-04-29T22:42:50+00:00

We have done over 200+ profitable trading days videos with our indicator and maintained over 80%+ winning ratio. So using PT PRO Indicator you will be able to make upto 80%winning ratio on average.

When Is The Best Time To Use The Indicator?2019-12-17T21:47:54+00:00

PT PRO Indicator is designed to trade in every Trading Session’s. So you can use the indicator in any Trading Session you want including news time. Since PT PRO has its own Market Analysis and Filtering System, you will not need to worry about market conditions. PT PRO Indicator will do all the work and will provide you the quality signals on a potential good entry.

What Mt4 Platform Shall I Choose for the Indicator ?2019-12-17T21:44:59+00:00

You can choose any Mt4 broker to use the indicator. PT PRO Support all brokers.

Can I Use The Signals In Any Broker ?2019-12-17T21:43:46+00:00

Yes you can use the signals in any broker you want.

Do I Need Any Kind Of Analysis Expertise ?2019-12-17T21:42:53+00:00

Not at all. PT PRO Indicator has its own built in market analysis and filtering system. It will do all the analysis and will give you the best possible quality signals. All you need is to follow and take the trades according to the signals.

How Many Signals Can I Get In A Day ?2019-12-17T21:40:44+00:00

You can get many signals in a day. It depends on the Market. PT PRO will analyze the market 24 hours on real market  and will provide signals only when there is a good potential to enter into a market condition.

What Is Market Sentiment Feature Of The Indicator Stands for ?2019-12-17T21:38:03+00:00

This feature represent the built in “Market Analysis” System within the indicator.

Are The Signals Always Instant ?2019-12-17T21:36:44+00:00

Yes, the signals will be always instant and it will come at the beginning of the candle. However if the indicator detects any potential pullbacks, then the signals can be delayed couple of seconds so that you can get a better entry to win the trade.

When The Signal Comes?2019-12-17T21:35:00+00:00

The signals are instant, That means the Alert and Arrow signals from the indicator comes instantly at the beginning of the candle.

Are the Arrow’s provided by the indicator is “Buffer Arrow’s”?2019-12-17T21:32:23+00:00

Yes the Arrow’s are “Buffer Arrow’s”.

How PT PRO Indicator Provide Signals ?2019-12-17T21:31:59+00:00

PT PRO Indicator provide signals via MetaTrader4 [ Mt4 ] Alert box and it also paint buffer arrows on charts.

Which platform does PT PRO Indicator work?2019-12-17T21:31:25+00:00

PT PRO Indicator is compatible with MetaTrader4 [ mt4 ] . However the signals can be used in any broker.