Documentation How To Use PT PRO Indicator Binary Tutorial

Documentation How To Use RO Indicator Forex Tutorial


In this Documentation of PT PRO Indicator, Learn about all the unique features provided by the software. However, you can simply watch our videos for a better understanding on the features and performance.

  • Instant Candle Signal :
    PT PRO Indicator provide instant “Arrow” and “Alert” Signals on mt4 chart. That means the “Arrow” and “Alert” Signals comes at the beginning of the candle.
  • 100% NON-Repaint Signals :
    PT PRO Indicator signals are never repaints. All the PT PRO Signals Are 100% NON-Repaint Signals.
  • Binary And Forex Modes :
    PT PRO Indicator can be used both for Binary Options And Forex Trading. A Trader can select the “Modes” From the control panel of the indicator on the mt4 chart. Both the “Binary” And “Forex” modes provide instant signals. However “Forex” mode offer more features to gain more pips such as, In “Forex” Mode it will provide “SL” and “TP” and will aslo provide an early order closing alert in order to gain more pips.
  • News Trading Mode :
    “News Trading” mode of PT PRO Indicator allows traders to trade in “News sessions” Including “NFP”. News Trading can be easily enabled and disabled from the control panel.
  • Martingale Mode :
    PT PRO Indicator also provide a unique “Martingale Mode” Feature. In “Martingale” mode, PT PRO Indicator will generate “Martingale” signals upto “3” Steps. Martingale mode allows you to gain back 100% winning. The “Martingale” Signals are very high quality signals and the indicator only produce the “Martingale” signals when there is a very good potential winning entry point. The priority in “Martingale” mode is to produce 100% winning signal in “Martingale” Steps. The martingale signals will be generated by the PT PRO Indicator only when it detect a quality entry point. Note that you might not expect a “Martingale” signals to come immediately after a losing signal, Since the priority is to produce 100% winning signals on martingale steps. The martingale signals will be generated upto “3” steps Maximum. All the martingale signals will come with a instant M1, M2, M3 signal on mt4 chart and will also produce a instant alert. You can easily choose to enable or disable martingale mode from control panel while trading.
  • Market Sentiment :
    Market Sentiment is a unique feature provided by the PT PRO Indicator. You can find it on the top right corner of your mt4 once you load the indicator on a chart. This feature represent the built-in market analysis system of PT PRO Indicator. The market sentiment stays in 4 stages such as, Green, Yellow, Red, Analyzing. The Green stage represent as a good condition of a pair and has potential to get quality signals. Yellow represent less good condition and Red represent Bad condition of a pair. Lastly analyzing means the Indicator is analyzing the specific pair conditions. This feature can help you choose the right pair for trading before starting your daily trades.